ForumImplementing the Paris Agreement and the SDGs

Why the World Sustainable Development Forum? (WSDF)


Governments reached a historic agreement in Paris in 2015 to tackle the growing challenge of climate change. In the same year the UN General Assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with clear outcomes targeted for 2030. While governments will certainly work towards meeting their commitments both in respect of the Paris agreement and the SDGs, the urgency of taking adequate action requires grassroots initiatives involving all stakeholders. The World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF), which has been established in three locations of the world, is attempting to create awareness; to spread information and knowledge; and to inspire action for meeting the challenge of climate change and implementing the 17 SDGs across the globe.

Theme of the Forum

The theme of the Forum in Mexico City would be "Implementing the Paris Agreement and the SDGs". It is also proposed to hold a stream of parallel sessions, which would include issues related to youth; gender; the role of business; cities and local governments; the role of the media; and knowledge organizations and civil society.
The Forum in Mexico City would place great importance on the nature and timing of the energy transition required worldwide, by which the concentration of GHGs in the atmosphere can be limited and the risks from the impacts of climate change contained to ensure the wellbeing of future generations. The recent spurt in extreme events, clearly projected in a special report brought out in 2011 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), only adds a higher sense of urgency to tackling the challenge of climate change and meeting the SDGs. The impacts of climate change would require scientifically valid methods and measures for adaptation, as these impacts become progressively more harmful. Fortunately, solutions are available today for mitigation and adaptation, which are economically viable, and these would be shared and discussed in the Forum.


1Five Star Sponsors US$ 50,000
2Star Sponsors US$ 25,000
3General Sponsors US$ 10,000

(Payment of sponsorship amounts can be specifically targeted, e.g. for venue and facilities, reception, dinner, lunch, cultural program, logistics, etc.)


Organizations and individuals from Mexico Others
1. Business
1000   Pesos / US$ 60.00
US$   250.00
2. Faculty   / teachers / government officials
300   Pesos / US$ 20.00
US$   50.00
3. Students
100   Pesos / US$ 5.00
US$   15.00

WSDF Steering Committee

  1. Mr. Terry Tamminen, CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation
  2. Mr. Steven Smith, Managing Director, Ambata Securities LLC
  3. Mr. Anil Kakani, Managing Partner, Vikasa Holdings
  4. Mr. Charles Ebinger, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center
  5. Ms. Lucía Rivera, CEO Mexico & Latam, Reddin Consultants
  6. Ms. Natasha Despotovic, Executive Director, Global Foundation for Democracy and Development
  7. Dr. Timothy Gregoire, Professor in Forest Management, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University
  8. Dr. Ash Pachauri, Senior Mentor, Protect Our Planet, Inc.
  9. Mr. Richmond Mayo-Smith, Chairman, Climate Finance Partners
  10. Dr. Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Deputy Director General/Deputy Chief Executive Officer, IIASA
  11. Dr. Youba Sokona, Vice-Chair of the IPCC; and Head, Africa Renewable Energy Initiative
  12. Mr. Theodor Harald Hanisch, Chairman / Senior Advisor, Sitepartner, Norway
  13. Mr. Lars Valentin Jacobsson, CEO & Executive Chairman, United Sun Systems
  14. Mr. Erik Hans Eid Hohle, Managing Director, The Energy Farm, Norway
  15. Mr. Lutz Engelke, Founder and CEO, TRIAD
  16. Dr. Adrián Fernández-Bremauntz, Director Ejecutivo, Iniciativa Climática de México
  17. Mr. Shyam Nokta, Former Adviser to the President of Guyana

Local Organizing and Logistical Committee

  1. Iniciativa Climática de México, México
    Dr. Adrián Fernández Bremauntz, Executive Director
    Ms. Elizeth Juárez Veláquez, Director of Financial Operations
  2. Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), Ciudad de México, México
    Dr. M.P. Jonathan, Professor, Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigacionesy Estudios sobre Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo (CIIEMAD)
  3. Secretaria de Desarrollo Economía, CDMX, México
    Mr. Abraham Torres Andrade, Executive Director for Institutional Relations
  4. Secretaria del Medio Ambiente, CDMX, México
    Mr. Fernando Paredes Arroyo, Director de logística y eventos

Patrons of the WSDF

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