Proposed activities of WSDF-NA

The WSDF-NA will have one full time person at a senior level to guide and direct the activities of the organization, which will consist of:

  • Publication of a regular journal which exhibits academic rigor to focus on policy aspects of the transformation required.
  • Producing regular policy briefs on specific subjects that are commissioned and authored by specialists chosen for their expertise on the topic (including members of the Board as appropriate).
  • Holding regional workshops and events, for example in South America, Canada and the US, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa and possibly Russia.
  • Holding a major event once a year, where the WSDF-NA uses its convening power to assemble leaders of politics, business, research and academia as well as civil society, with particular importance assigned to the voices of youth and women. The theme of each mega event annually will be set in advance, in order to engage the most compelling speakers and intellectual resources.
    1. The first major event being organised by WSDF is scheduled to be held in Mexico City on February 1 and 2, 2018. This event will be attended by participants strictly by invitation. A number of very distinguished leaders from government, business, civil society, research and academia would be taking part, during the course of which a five year plan will also be developed for WSDF-NA.
    2. In September 2018 it is proposed to hold a major event in Changsha, China where the unique facilities of the Broad township in a totally green and environment friendly location will be the venue. Mr. Zhang Yue, the Chairman of the Broad group of companies has created a remarkable facility to reflect his total dedication to environment protection and resource use efficiency (link). The proceeding of all the events organised by WSDF NA will be disseminated through conventional and social media.
  • In the initial period, WSDF-NA will engage with other organizations and participate in their activities as appropriate. Accordingly, if there are events of interest being organized by other organizations, WSDF-NA will attempt to find a place in them in order to promote its objectives and activities.
  • Developing and maintaining an effective and comprehensive website, which will be designed for relevance to all stakeholders.


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